Egg Fast Day 3 – Final Results and Thoughts

Day 3 was almost a mirror image of Day 2 in what I ate.  I had the egg salad with the cheese crisps again for lunch.  Then for supper I had the Blue Cheese mixture again.  This time I added an extra egg and scrambled it instead of eating it omelette style.

I weighed in at 214.8 this morning which was 0.4 lbs down from yesterday and down 0.2 lbs overall.   Macro totals for the day were 1391 total calories, 8 grams of carbohydrates (2%), 110 grams of fat (73%), and 85 grams of protein (25%).

Not really burning up the scales with this fast so far.  I'm going to add my morning weigh in for Day 4 below just so you can see how much I lost total.​

I weighed in on Day 4 at 213.6 which was a 1.2 lb loss from Day 3 and a 1.4 lb loss overall for the 3-day experiment.  Not bad but not the crazy 4-10 lbs that you see from other people.  There is several reasons why this could be.

1.  ​I eat pretty clean Keto already. I already do total carbs and I keep them to under 20 grams a day. Most days it's under 15 grams and it's not uncommon for me to only get 5-10 grams in a day. So this challenge wasn't a huge difference in total carbs for me.

I could see for someone that does net carbohydrates instead, they might ​see a much bigger loss here.  The extra carbs they are eating could be storing extra water.

2.  Dairy.  I've found out over the course of this year that dairy tends to make my weight stall.   For this experiment, I was eating anywhere from 1-3 ounces a day not counting the butter.  It could very well have caused some inflammation and stalled my weight.​

3.  Finally, it was only 3 days long.  As someone who weighs daily I see my weight fluctuate several pounds daily so it's not inconceivable that it was just short term results.​  Maybe if I would of went a week or two I would of seen different results.

Would I do it again?  Sure and I just may in a few months.  I think next time though I'm going to eliminate the dairy.​  I will replace that fat with coconut oil, lard, and my homemade mayo.  I also might extend the time to 4-5 days just to see if that helps too.

Overall, I was happy with the egg fat fast 3-day challenge.  I never really got sick of eating eggs and I didn't even bother changing up recipes on day 3.  If you have ever done an egg fast or are thinking about doing one, I'd like to hear about it in the comments below.  ​

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