Cooking Keto with Kristie Cookbook Review – My 3 Favorite Things & 3 Things I Would Improve

If you have been around the Keto YouTube community for very long, then you’ve probably come across the Cooking Keto with Kristie channel. Her southern charm and story of struggles and weight loss draw you in. She has videos on recipes, tips, and about her family on that channel.​

I found Kristie’s channel early on almost a year ago when I first started the Keto diet, and it has been a big help in me losing 100 lbs in the past year. She’s down to earth, genuine, and someone you can relate based on your own struggles.

Well, she finally released her first cookbook and spoiler alert, it’s a good one. Today I want to review Journey to Health: A Journey Worth Taking by Kristie Sullivan.

The book starts off with a short introduction to Kristie, her weight struggles, and her family. It then goes into a section on substitutions. This section is great for finding replacements for your non-keto-friendly ingredients like flour.

Then we get into the recipe sections themselves. It’s divided into the following six categories:​

  • Rise & Shine (Breakfast recipes)
  • Beyond Bacon (This is your main dish recipes)
  • Satisfying Sides (Side dish recipes)
  • Sassy Sauces & Dressy Dressings (You guessed it)
  • Fathead to Flatbread (Breads, Pizza Dough, Muffins, etc.)
  • Treats (For that occasional Keto sweet treat)

There are well over 100 recipes in this book with the majority of them being non-treat recipes which I appreciate as someone who might have a Keto treat once a month.

I’ve already tried the Cheeseburger Bombs recipe in this book, and it was fantastic. This recipe is going to be a nice addition to my fall football Saturday appetizer meals that my family has.

On to what I liked about the book and what I thought could be improved.

My 3 Favorite Things

Cooking Keto with Kristie Book

1. The introduction at the beginning. The first five pages or so describes Kristie's struggles to get healthy and lose weight. She has several pictures of her and her family from before she lost weight.

This part of the book is really inspiring and sets the tone for the recipes to follow.

2. The recipes use common ingredients. Too many cookbooks try to use long, complicated recipes that require weird ingredients that either isn't available locally or expensive. Kristie does an excellent job of creating recipes with what I call normal ingredients that either I already have or can get readily.

She also has several recipes that she calls “one pot wonders” where you only dirty one pan when making them. I like this as someone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning up, and I’m limited on time most days.

3. Links to videos. Where ever she has a recipe that already has a video on her channel, she has the URL so you can go check it out. I think this is a very good idea for those people that like to visually see how to make something but still want a cookbook.

3 Things I Would Change

1. More information on the ketogenic diet. I would have liked to see a section in the front with more info on what the Keto diet is, the benefits, and how to do the diet.

I get that maybe she didn’t want to give diet advice in this book, but my thinking is people are going to find this on their bookstore shelves someday.

It would be nice for those people to come to the ketogenic diet rather than just use a few of her recipes.  More information on the diet here would help those people convert.

2. Ebook formatting. Originally, when I bought the book, it was only available in print. However, since then they have released a Kindle version. And I should mention that the Kindle version is a good deal, if you already have the print form, you can get the Kindle version for 99 cents.

The ebook version looks excellent on my iPhone and iPad. The problem, however, is the Table of Contents isn’t clickable. Likewise with the links to the videos on her YouTube channel. Navigation would be so much easier if this were formatted properly.

3. Have a video for every recipe. I know her intention when creating this cookbook wasn’t to create a video for every recipe, but I think that would be an excellent idea. She could have these unlisted on her YouTube channel and just have the URL in the book.

It would be a nice bonus to the book. But maybe more people would just pirate the videos and not buy the book.

Overall, this is a great cookbook from someone who has been in the Keto trenches for a while now. She’s a busy working mom, and her recipes reflect it. I appreciate that in a cookbook.

I suggest buying the physical copy first and then getting the cheap digital version for less than a buck after that. I can’t wait to see Kristie’s next cookbook!

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