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Keto Diet Weight Loss Update – Week 48

Weight Loss Keto Diet Week 48

Week 48 Keto diet weight loss update.  Overall, I didn’t lose as much weight as I had hoped to this week considering I did a 3-day egg fat fast challenge.  I ended up losing 0.8 lbs from last week though and any weight loss is a good weight loss.  I didn’t gain any weight back […]

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Egg Fast Day 2 – More Eggs Please

Egg Fat Fasting Day 2

More eggs and more eggs for day 2 of the egg fat fast challenge.  I actually started this morning out at 215.2 which was up 0.2 from my starting weight yesterday.  My weight can fluctuate several pounds from one day to another so I’m not overly concerned.I had my first meal at noon again today […]

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Egg Fast Day 1 – Let’s get this started!

Egg Fasting Day 1

Time to get this 3-day egg fast started.   First  I want to cover some rules for this fast.  Obviously, I’m going to be eating eggs on this fat fast.  Lots of eggs.With every egg I eat, I’m also going to add 1 tablespoon of fat.  This can be butter, my homemade mayo, coconut oil […]

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Easy Homemade Keto Mayo

Ketogenic Mayonnaise Recipe

I used to eat a lot of Miracle Whip.  I just preferred salad dressing over mayonnaise.  But on the Keto diet, I can’t eat that.  Most of the store bought mayo has canola oil or extra crap in it.  So I found out how to make my own easy homemade ketogenic mayonnaise.The following is the […]

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Best of February 2017 Roundup

Best of February 2017 Keto

Each month I do a roundup post of the best videos, articles, podcasts, and resources that I’ve enjoyed that month. They might be new for that month or just new to me. The following is the ones I’ve found forFebruary 2017.Videos This isn’t a new video but I found it funny and interesting that even […]

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