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Weight Loss Tip: Quit Comparing Yourself to Others

Quit Comparing Yourself

I often hear of people complaining that they aren’t losing weight as fast as so and so.  They might not be able to gain as much muscle as the bodybuilder they are following on YouTube.  Or maybe their friend Sally lost 100 lbs last year.You think if only I had the money, time, or relationship […]

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What is the Keto Diet?

So what exactly is the Ketogenic diet?  I hope to answer that question for you in this article along with discussing the benefits you can expect from being in ketosis.  Also, I will go over what’s wrong with the high carbohydrate diet that has been prescribed for the past 40 years.How Carbohydrates Work in Our […]

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Best of January 2017 Roundup

Best of Keto January 2017

Each month I do a roundup post of the best videos, articles, podcasts, and resources that I’ve enjoyed that month.  They might be new for that month or just new to me.  The following is the ones I’ve found for January 2017.​Videos Part 1 of an interesting talk given by Dr. Stephen Phinney in Australia.  I’m […]

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